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Suppperr duper awesome travel suit carrier. Its an item from… - The Kogals Community! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 3rd, 2010|06:50 pm]
The Kogal Community!


Suppperr duper awesome travel suit carrier.

Its an item from Japanese brand Sex Pot Revenge.
Red plaid with skulls and patches.

I used it only once so its in great condition!

Look fashionable while traveling. Good size for 1-1.5 week Road Trip =D

VERY RARE FIND, because sex pot revenge dosen't make it anymore

Please contact me for any information!

ONLY $58 --shipping and handling not included--


**if you know someone who is/would be interested, let me know or have them drop me a line. i flexible when it comes to selling online; i can use etsy/ebay/amazon**

#1 Shipping from US - worldwide
#2 Prices DO NOT include shipping and paypal fee!
#3 Items will be send AFTER your payment
#4 I can put items on hold for 3 days! (If I don't hear anything of you than, I'll just put them 'for sale' again!)
#5 Please only comment, if you are honestly interested!
#6 The first one who asked for something will get the item!

Payment Options
-Money Order